Linux or Unix???

Well i have settled into Linux very well! Found a alternative program for everything here is my basic list:

Microsoft Office: OpenOffice

Internet & Email: Firefox & Evoloution

Programming: NetBeans 5.5 Java IDE

Desktop Publishing: Scribus

Music: Rythmbox Music Player

I am interested in many different computer software, and would really like to try Solaris. But the screenshots show a complicated terminal-style installation. If this was a live-cd and easy to install i would definitely consider it. I do require a office suite, yet Sun didn’t include this in the operating system. Now everyone needs a browser, and every operating system has a browser. Sun didn’t even put this in the system. They really have left allot of holes in their alternative to Micro$oft Window$ XP & Vi$ta. Maybe in the 11 release they might patch these flaws. My message to Window$ switchers, if your confident with computers go for it. But if you want to play it safe, Ubuntu 6.10 is your choice. If Sun decided to put boxed versions of Solaris for $30 when i buy a computer, i would buy that as well. I definitely know now never to order a PC with Window$ pre-installed!!! You are paying probably a $100 for software you wont use. I won’t do it again. Will you???


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Ubuntu 6.10 Dell Inspiron 6400 EASY AS DELL!

I recently moved to Linux, i used SLED on my last laptop. Now i use Ubuntu 6.10 i escaped the Micro$oft dominance! I am experiencing freedom and choice, no need to buy Window$ then Office with Anti-Spyware!!! I could not afford it, and everytime a new version of Window$ is released… NEW COMPUTER!

My Setup:

Model: Dell Inspiron 6400

Specs: Intel Core Duo T2300E 1.66ghz

60GB Fujitsu HD


Intel 950GMA chipset

Intel 950MA 224mb shared graphics

512mb RAM

15.4 WUXGA wide-screen display

Intel PROSet Wireless 3945ABG

Broadcom Ethernet Adapter

Connextant Dial-up modem

Intel HDA Sound

My Installation:

30GB Linux 30GB Window$ (i need Windows for school)  Just shrink Windows partition. This was a breeze no error messages and relitivately fast installation, The GNU Grub bootloader installed as well. You will set a “root” password aswell.

Harware & Drivers:

Intel PROSet Wireless 3945: Applications-Add/Remove-Search Gnome Network Manager. Just install! It will detect the network, ask for security (if any) and set a keyring (REMEMBER THIS) and connects!

Intel HDA Audio: Worked!

Broadcom Ethernet Adapter: Worked!

Connextant Modem: NOT TESTED!


To avoid overheating follow these steps!
1. sudo apt-get install i8kutils gkrellm gkrellm-i8k

2. sudo modprobe i8k force=1

3. sudo gedit /etc/modules

4. add the following line to the end of the file: i8k force=1

5. go to System > Preferences > Sessions > Startup Programs

6. Click ADD and put the command: gkrellm

Now you will see the GKrellm utility load at startup and you can then configure your fan thresholds, etc

I hope this is helpful! And Welcome to Linux! Dont look back on Window$.

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I really hate when you use a freinds or work computer and they have nothing interesting to do (clearly a Windows PC) e.g No instant messenger. But then i found this cool open-source desktop, called eyeOS which has a word processor and spread sheet app. Which is useful for editing and saving. Meebo instant messenger, great! works with Yahoo! and MSN. and various flash games. Plus! a private messenger and chat. It is totally free and developed by Spanish students. I find it so cool!

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My new Blog!

Hi, I’m Nick and have never had a blog before! My interests are computers,internet,programming,music,and sports. I will post most important things that happen to me! and anything i think that is a good read and interesting. Well get a coffee, maybe a cake and sit back and read! And please comment on my posts!

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